Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Easing Into University

Two weeks at university have already gone by. I can't believe it.

University was the light at the end of high school's dark tunnel these last few years. That i'm finally here and living it is, in all seriousness, a dream come true. I was never a big fan of high school. I had good friends and all, but i hated the system. Especially at the school i was in. No room for real advancement or creativity. Thank god that's over with.

So, university. I'm doing pretty good. I managed to make new friends very quickly, so between them and my old high school friends, my social life is covered. The two major changes now though are that i'm in a co-ed environment, and i don't have to wear a uniform. I grew up in a mixed school in LA, but these last 4 years of high school were basically girl-only years. It's nice to be back in a more natural social atmosphere.

I hated uniform when i was in high school, and i still do. People complain about having to pick out outfits every morning, but that's perfectly okay with me. So it takes about 10 to 20 minutes of extra work. It's worth it. I like expressing myself, and clothing is one way to do that.

Student clubs and stuff all start up next week. I'll be joining the Syrian Culture Club for sure. I can't decide on whether i want to join the university's newspaper or Realms, the creative writing club's publication. I can't do both cuz of the whole time issue. I'm susposed to be studying for 5 courses too, ya kno.

Which brings me to my academic life. My courses are basically all introductory courses since i'm a freshman. They're not too hard, but interesting nonetheless. My favorite course is already my composition course, WRI 101. The professor’s pretty strict on work, but she knows what she's doing. I'm looking to come out of this semester a much better writer than i am now.

Another course that's pretty interesting is my Astronomy course. I had to pick a class for my science requirement, and this one caught my eye. I'm glad it did, because i love it. It's completely different than anything i've done before. It gives science a philosophical twist. Awesome.

Ah! All this and i haven't even said what i'm majoring in. I'm a Mass Communication major, with a Journalism concentration. People thought i should have gone into English literature or something, but i wanna do more than just write in my career. I wanna work with other forms of media too, like TV, film, and radio. So this major should have that all covered. I'm thinking of doing a minor in International Relations, but i can't declare a minor till next semester. So i've got a while to think about it.

And the phone's ringing. My dad's coming to pick me up. (I'm at the university library.) I have to go home and read Chapter 1 of my biology book for tomorrow. (Yes, i'm taking two sciences this semester. Long story.) I'll have practice my "critical reading skills" as i do it. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I hope you become the " Christian Amanpour " of the Islamic world, we need people like you. The only thing I didn't like is you taking a Biology course ( cause I hate it so much ), God bless and when will we see your first T.V interview.???

Anonymous said...

By the way the previous comment was writtem by bmerza.