Friday, October 06, 2006

Temporary Shutdown

Sometimes you just gotta know when to quit.

I've been trying so hard to get my blog up and running these past few months, but it just wasn't working out. Long gaps in between posts and random fillers have weakened the punch i originally intended this blog to have.

And that's when i realized my problem: I don't know what i'm doing.

Which is completely natural. I'm a beginner at this. I don't really get all of the stuff that makes the blogsphere go round. Now, i know that there isn't a set of rules that ensures blogging success. But knowing some of the tricks of the trade certainly helps.

University life has affects on my blogging too. I'm trying to find my way through it with my poor, lost and confused freshman class. But i'm learning. On so many different levels. I come out of every week light years ahead of where i was the week before.

But what's having the most impact on my blogging is this: my lack of vision. Who am i writing to? What am i writing about? Why am i writing? I have answers for all of these questions, but very vague and general ones. Enough to have gotten me writing, but after getting over the excitement that i'm writing, i'm stuck. If i'd built this blog on a better foundation, i wouldn't have had to go through this. But again, this is what being a beginner is all about.

So, due to all i wrote above, i've made a decision. This blog will be temporarily shut down. I'm hoping to start it back up anywhere from a semester to a year from now.

In the meantime, i'll be devoting my time to university and the other personal projects i've had going on other than my blog. My Arabic needs some quality learning that i'll never get unless i give it some quality time. And the same goes for my poetry. I believe i can be good - real good. But with the twenty million things i try to stuff into my schedule, i tend to just skim my talent's surface.

So, as you can tell, i'm trying to cut down on my daily load here. This blog is just one of the many goals i've put on hold. I want to concentrate my efforts on a few major things in my life and get them right. As soon as that's done, i'll be ready, willing and able to move to the next level. Some definite soul-searching will be taking place these next few months as i try to find my place as a Western/Arab/Muslim girl in this world. Pray for me, and wish me luck.

Thanks to all my readers out there. I'll be preparing myself for a whole new round of blogging, and when i come back you'll be impressed. This is gonna be worth the wait. So till then, enjoy the blogsphere!