Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Danish Follow Through

Seems that i missed out on the action a couple of weeks back. A hijabi Danish woman of Palestinian origin has become the presenter of a Danish show. The woman, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, spoke to IslamOnline about her experience.

Ha, the "evil" Danish people allowed a hijabi on their TV sets! Interesting way to follow up the Muhammad Cartoon Controversy. And for those of you who may stress on the fact that Islam "is not recognized by the [Danish] state unlike Christianity and Judaism", no, i'm not saying they're saints. But this shows the political controversy and the wide range of social attitudes that Western countries tend to deal with.

So you go, Asmaa! We're rooting for you all the way.


Irving Karchmar said...

An excellent post :) And so the world changes slowly, slowly, one step at a time.
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Ya Haqq,


Anonymous said...

Just curious

Why would you want Islam to be a state religion in Denmark? Are you of the opinion that all religions (that have their faithful there) be declared state religions.

Thoughtful comments much appreciated

Noor said...


Whoops. Bit of a serious typo there. I wrote something when i mean something completely different. Thanks for bringing my attention to that. What i meant was that Islam isn't recognized by the Danish state like Christianity and Judaism.

But about your thoughts on which religions should be state religions...hmmm. Just how far could that go? Interesting.

Eva, from DK said...

Hi Nour
Thanks for an interesting blog. It's great to follow your thoughts. Just one reflexion: is sounds as if you think the Danish government has appointed Asmaa as a tv presenter. That is not the fact. The TV station chose her. The prime minister/government/parliamant has NO power to rule over the medias thats the whole purpose of a free press:)

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